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Tobacco companies for years knew that cigarette smoke contain radioactive particles and kept the knowledge a secret.  They did countless studies and never released the data.


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Where communication has gone

A history of communication through the ages Infographic.

Look out big brother is tracking you

Austerity cuts the Worlds answer

No longer is America the only one headed for another recession, the rest of Europe is not far behind.  After imposing austerity cuts Europeans powerhouses are grinding to a halt on growth.


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The reality is that we all share a piece of Chernobyl in all our bodies.  It won’t be long till we can say that about the Japanese plant.  Some already believe that is already the new reality.

We need to take notice of Iceland

Iceland went bankrupt after the financial crash of 08′, but rather fold like us they revolted.  That revolt led to working to draft a new Constitution and change their govt. We thought that was what we were doing by voting in the First African American President.


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Your maybe tainted

Recently tainted turkey meat has hit the market and lead to one death already.  The meat is laced with antibiotic resistant salmonella or super-bug.  There has only been a voluntary recall issued.  The sad part is the company responsible “Cargill”  Has done this before.


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Growth of spending on health care has not change over the years, even with reforms that have been attempted in the past.  Other rich culture don’t seem to have the same issue with similar systems.  So the question remain do Americans just love to spend more on health.


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Your medicine abroad

More and more of your medicine is being made overseas.  Not that is shocking, but what you don’t know is those medical trial that are being conducted are also being done overseas.  WE know from history that the regulation overseas are lacking.  So what do you think that means for you.

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Over a four year period media mogul Rupert Murdoch receives $4.8b in tax refund while turning $10.4b in profits.  Who says America’s fax system is unfair to the rich.

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