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Right now the biggest trend going is planking.  This is a pointless trend, yet youth across the nation is caught up in in all the hype.  While African American read less than 20mins a day, this is how they fill the rest of their days.


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At a time when black America’s image, can I say it “in flux”.  We have stories of black men being arrested on planes for sagging.  We are the posters children for crime and violence in America.  We are on record for having the highest rate of illegitimate children.  Drug, alcohol and any other deviate behavior here we are.  Just about every image of a Black woman on television of one of some negative stereotype.  One of the few positive images we have is a Black family in the White house.  Usher in the BET Awards Show.

I watched the awards like I have in the past, but this time I decided to take a critical look at what I was viewing.  I understand that the show is meant for entertainment.  I get it.  As a community don’t we need more, shouldn’t we expect more?  In the end this is supposed to be our award’s show and in such it is the representation we send out to the rest of the world.  Are these the images we truly want the rest of the world to believe that is what we stand for?  Is Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown really the spokes people of Black America and Black American Youth?  I would hope not.

The negative images of the night the stood out were.  Just about every young man had his pants below his butt.  Roland Martin had a funny tweet, “When did the #BETAwards turn into an underwear commercial? Hanes or Fruit of the Looms should sponsor it next year”  not mention a few others about the lack of coverage going on.  The women were no better in regards to dress and imagery.

The award show in comparison to other shows seem to my be as crisp.  Presenters seem to ad-lib a lot.  Award recipients all seem unprepared to the point that there acceptances speeches all started the same, “I did not expect to win” was the common response.  Made it look less credible.

The most disappointing was the regarding of negative behaviors.  Chris Brown fresh off some disturbing behavior on GMA  had a couple of performances and awards.  Lil Wayne almost coming from jail to award show.  Understandably everyone show be given second chances.  What about third and fourth chances?  At what point is enough really enough?

The show had its bright spots of the night.  Steve Harvey was recognized for his work and Humanitarian efforts.  Patti Labelle stole the show with her performance and grace.