The African American community is in need of some guidance and structure.  Somewhere we have lost our way and our voices to greed and materialism.  Many of us never knew C. Delores Tucker and most of us don’t remember her if we did.  What she stood for and fought for has gone unappreciated over the years and maybe it is time for another C. Delores Tucker to emerge.

C. Deloris Tucker born Cynthia DeLores Nottage (October 4, 1927-October 12, 2005) was a Politician and Civil Right activist.  She is mostly remembered for her long battle with gangster rap and rappers.

As a Civil Rights Activist she participated in the March on Salem with Dr King.  Ms. Tucker succeeded the Honorable Shirley Chisholm in 1992, to head The National Congress of Black Women, Inc. (NCBW).

In 1971 she was appointed the first African American female Secretary of the State of Pennsylvania and served until 1977.  As the Sec. of State she instituted the first Commission on the Status of Women where she helped to get women get appointed Judges and Officials, African Americans appoint to boards and commissions.  She later helped Pennsylvania to become one of the first states to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

If that was all she accomplished that would be amazing, but it was a small portion of what she was, was about or did.  Later in her life and up to her death she fought the images and language of gangster rap.  To the point rappers placed her name in their songs and interviews.  She bought stock in companies that distributed rap music to be able to protest at shareholder meetings.

‘“A number of famous rappers have taken their stance against her. In his song “Church for Thugs“, The Game raps “I’ve got more hatred in my soul than Pac had for DeLores Tucker.” Jay-Z chimes in as well, with the lines “I don’t care if you’re C. Dolores Tucker or you’re Bill O’Reilly, you only riling me up,” from The Black Album’s “Threat.” Much of KRS-ONE and Channel Live‘s “Free Mumia” is a direct criticism of what the MCs see as Tucker’s misplaced energy. Eminem added “I’m all for America, fuck the government tell that C. Delores Tucker slut to suck a dick Motherfuck ducked, what the fuck? son of a bitch Take away my gun, I’m gonna tuck some other shit”in a D12 song called “rap game” from the “8 mile” album”‘

She went against the NAACP decision to honor Tupac Shakur with and image award.  She later filed suit against the late rappers estate on grounds of emotional distress and privacy issues for lyrics in the song “How Do U Want It?” on the album All Eyez on Me, in which Shakur rapped ” C.DeLores Tucker you’s a motherfucker / Instead of trying to help a nigga you destroy a brother” and lyrics from the song “Wonda Why They Call U Bitch” from the same album.

Coming off the antics of the BET Awards, shows like “Basketball Wives” and the likes; negative imagery of the African American community is at an all time high.  Is there a need for another C. Delores Tucker?  I say YES.  I look at so-called leadership from the likes of the Rev Al Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson and wonder if their time has past.  Tavis Smiley and Dr West are too intellectual and don’t connect with those who they want to help the most.  All four of these individuals at one time or another served their causes and were successful in their own rights.

Is there another C. Delores Tucker out there?  If there is who are they and what should be their role in changing the collective mindset of the African American Community?   There needs to be a cultural shift and it starts with remembering those of us who made changes.