With both the President and Congress deep into campaign modes the people are becoming to losers in all of this.  The saying goes, “Washington moves at a glaciers pace.”  Well what happens when it grinds to halt and the wheels fall off.

That is just what might happen.  Congress as the President puts it, is there one week and off the next.  The people can not and should not except this type of behavior and actions.

The last bit of big legislation that will get completed will be a decision on raising the debt ceiling.  After that a few small bills but nothing to brag about.  Nothing that will push this country forward any.

The Republican not afford to give the President and the Democrats any victories large or small before the 2012 election.  The Democrats can not afford to go home went continued efforts of helping the Republicans.

So say goodbye to the thought of a jobs bill or any other major legislation coming from Washington.  It is time to have the discussion about term limits.  If there were term limits than maybe just maybe Washington could think past two years.