I watched the documentary “Fair Game” by Mario Van Peebles.  He had a host of celebrities and successful men of color contribute to this project.  The most powerful moment was the beginning when he lead with this quote.

“If you strive to be a surgeon and fail you will still be a Dr. If you strive to be a Supreme Court Justice and fail you will still be a judge, but if you strive to be a basketball player and fail you will just be a tall brother who washes dishes. If you strive to be a rapper and fail you will just be a broke brother with rhymes.”

What I take away from that statement is the failure of a people to put importance of education first in the lives of our youth.  They went into many inner-city schools and asked the students what they wanted to be and baller, rapper and pimp was the top.  Not surprised because those are the images that are glorified throughout their lives.

There is now a man of color who lives in the White House and I don’t know if that is enough to combat the images that are fed to these kids daily.  They are bombarded with music, media and advertisement saying what should be their focus.  Like Sprite says, “Image is everything”.

I guess it can be tough when you have ideals that proclaim to never have read a book and proud of it.  Thanks Jim Jones.  Others singing about wanting every girl in the world and father numerous babies.  I can see how school can get in the way of that.

I don’t want to lay all the blame of society’s door.  There are a host of positive people out there going into community and attempting raise the level expectations.  Mr. Cosby does this even if this message sometimes get lost in the delivery.